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Pocket UT® TOFD
Pocket UT® with Time Of Flight Diffraction scanner

Pocket UT® TOFD

    Common Applications

  • Heavy wall piping

  • Presure vessel welds
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Pocket UT® TOFD

TOFD, Time Of Flight Diffraction, is an advanced ultrasonic inspection technique used for the examination of heavy wall pipes and pressure vessels. TOFD allows the inspector to image discontinuities within the weld, and analyze the data for location and sizing.

The Pocket UT®, from MISTRAS Group, is an advanced hand held ultrasonic instrument that, when coupled to an encoded scanner, can take TOFD data and display it on the color touch screen. The scanner uses two angle beam transducers to transmit and receive the diffracted ultrasonic signals that can be imaged on the instrument. This highly effective hand held inspection system needs only one inspector to operate, and is sensitive enough that an external preamplifier is not needed.

The Pocket UT® with a TOFD scanner can display the TOFD scan in a B-scan image, as well as store and measure the indications in terms of height, length and position.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration of this easy-to-use system, please contact MISTRAS at 1-609-716-4000.