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Pocket UT® CMS
Corrosion Mapping System: Pocket UT® & MINI ultrasonic scanner

Pocket UT® CMS (Corrosion Mapping System)

    Common Applications

  • Corrosion Characterization for Fitness-For-Service

  • Safety Analysis for Piping Systems, Elbows, Tanks
    and Vessels.
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Full Automation & Portability

The Pocket UT® CMS (Corrosion Mapping System) combines the Pocket UT® (Portable Ultrasonic C-Scan Imaging System) with the fully-automated MINI Scanner Crawler for one of the most cost-effective and state-of-the-art ultrasonic corrosion mapping systems on the market, rivaling more expensive competitors.

The Pocket UT® CMS enables the user to test areas of concern and have all the necessary metrics to evaluate Fitness-For-Service. All data, including waveforms, are stored on a fast Compact Flash card for analysis and trending using UTWin™ software.

The system comes complete with the Pocket UT® and MINI Scanner, a motor power supply, and all cables necessary to connect the system together.

The MINI Scanner is a two axis stepper motor driven scanner that can inspect pipe from 3” to 48” diameter and all types of vessel surfaces, particularly hard to access areas. Featuring powerful magnetic wheels, the MINI Scanner is at home scanning vertically, or even upside down!

For more information or to schedule a demonstration of this easy-to-use system, please contact MISTRAS at 1-609-716-4000.