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Technology Packages

Technology Packages

The Pocket UT® is available in technology packages. These packages offer solutions for specific Pocket UT® applications, including Time Of Flight Diffraction and Corrosion Mapping. Read on to learn more about Pocket UT® technology packages.

Pocket UT® CMS

The Pocket UT® CMS (Corrosion Mapping System) combines the Pocket UT® (Portable Ultrasonic C-Scan Imaging System) with the fully-automated MINI Scanner Crawler for one of the most cost-effective and state-of-the-art ultrasonic corrosion mapping systems on the market, rivaling more expensive competitors.

Pocket UT® TOFD

TOFD, Time Of Flight Diffraction, is an advanced ultrasonic inspection technique used for the examination of heavy wall pipes and pressure vessels. TOFD allows the inspector to image discontinuities within the weld, and analyze the data for location and sizing.

UT C-Scan Education System

MISTRAS Ultrasonic C-Scan Systems are the standard for the inspection of advanced composite materials used by industry today. By combining our Pocket UT® "5 in 1", hand held UT System with our UPK-T10 Automated Tabletop Scanner, we give today’s researcher the capability to “look inside” materials to detect, measure and C-Scan map anolomies such as delaminations, cracks and voids. All this, while maintaining all the features of a portable high end flaw detector!