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MISTRAS Pocket UT® System

MISTRAS offers the innovative Pocket UT®, a battery-operated, hand-held, stand-alone, full C-Scan data acquisition system. Its portability and ease of use, coupled with its full A, B and C-Scan capability and optional TOFD capabilities, make the Pocket UT® System (along with available companion scanners or other compatible devices) ideal for on-site inspection applications. It quickly assesses the presence, depth, shape and orientation of cracks, flaws, corrosion/erosion, delamination, and internal anomalies in a variety of structures, materials and surfaces.

The Pocket UT® can operate as a conventional thickness meter (for spot readings), a basic flaw detector with RF display and alarm gates, or in either active B-Scan or full C-Scan modes. The system has a bright, back-lit LCD color touchscreen, and an easy-to-use keypad for fast entry of common commands and data.

Weighing approximately 2 lbs. (.9 kg) (See Features & Specs), the Pocket UT® uses the Windows-CE™ operating system and integrates all ultrasonic components together in a rugged, rubber-encased enclosure. With a user-replaceable and rechargeable battery pack, the system can also operate via the included 100-240 Volt AC/DC adapter/charger. (View Pocket UT® Accessories)

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